Refereed Publications
Getting the Rich and Powerful to Give
(with Judd B. Kessler and Katherine L. Milkman), Revised Draft, June 2018
Forthcoming, Management Science
Working Papers
Consumption Responses to Pay Frequency: Evidence from 'Extra' Paychecks
[Note: Previously circulated under the title Monthly Budgeting Heuristics: Evidence from 'Extra' Paychecks]
Working Paper, 2017
Nudging Timely Wage Reporting: Field Experimental Evidence from the SSI Program
Working Paper, 2018
(with Jeffrey Hemmeter, Judd B. Kessler, Robert D. Metcalfe, and Robert Weathers)
Research in Progress
The Role of Informal Self-Insurance: Evidence from Heating and Utilities Disconnection Regulations
Understanding the Drivers of Household Budgeting Behavior
(with Jennifer K. Lyu and Abigail B. Sussman)
Other Publications
The Role of Mental Accounting in Household Spending and Investing Decisions
(with Abigail B. Sussman) in C. Chaffin (Ed.), Client Psychology, New York: Wiley, 2018
Behavioral Economics and Health
(with Judd B. Kessler) in R. Detels, M. Gulliford, Q. Karim, and C. Tan (Eds.), The Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health, 6th edition, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015